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I keep coming across this message in forum never get it inworld that my products are inferior, as are others. Some keep asserting their "quality" over others, and say that speaks above everything else. Firstly, there are factors on quality, that they are not considering here, and never will That's part of the "quality" toolbox.

If they're not presenting at top level, top position, maximum number of eyeballs, then they are failing on part of the "quality" aspect. Huge part.

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A person with a product that is "different", no judgments on quality, and using all the tools, is going to squash that person and their product. Someone can boast to me all day about how their product is better "quality" but I don't see it on the pages. Neither will customer. It's nowhere to be found. That ain't "quality. I don't see any indication on marketplace that the freebies are killing anyone's business. I see people killing their own business. There isn't but a handful of people using maximum marketing efforts here. Ya'll are damn lucky on that. That may not last forever.

Currently, the LL mode is lacking in maximum tools ok, some basic tools as well You can use those skills on real product for a market that is a zillion times larger than SL in another venue that is equipped with the full tool box. So ya'll are damn lucky that you're not competing against people busting out some marketing.

By "ya'll" I mean the ones who are complaining about freebies. Making things and selling them on the SL marketplace is NOT part of the educational and corporate uses for an real-time, interactive 3-D space. Part of my nephew's med school training is on SL private sim. They use voice chat and practice taking patient interviews with actors who are working for the school. There is also an ER sim where their lab results and other things happen in real-time, so if they don't get it, the patient dies.

That is true They just keep paying the tiers via their credit card or alternative funding source. The metaverse is what we will make of it Nef. You can use virtual realities to learn about art and graphic design not a game and increase your skills - and demand compensation for your time - or you can let the game gods use us as pawns in their game to make money for only them. By the way, I have often used Toy's sculpts in my creations for colleges and businesses in SL when I design their sims. I cannot get used to it Rene! By a freebie mentality I mean something like this: Occasionally I drop a free skybox on someone yes despite my reluctance to embrace freebies I do give them out, and even have a free campground in my 4-sim wilderness area below my store.

These are elaborate skyboxes, some with homes and furniture, and each one can take from a month to several months of full-time work to create - and they are holodecks where you fly to the sky on a flower and rez multiple scenes quite a bit of scripting work to get that going. Anyway, I dropped a scene on someone as a freebie, and she complained because I didn't include all the scenes like 30 or so scenes, all of this taking well over a year of full-time work to create.

I like how the thread has turned - discussions on marketing.

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It seems different types of content needs marketing more than others - more defined items need less marketing. For example, each lovely home of Pamela's is its own little ad sitting on someone's land, whereas Mickey's great designing talent lies in the overall design of a furniture set matching the colors and arranging the setting and cannot be as easily seen since people often tear designs apart I so painfully know.

So Mickey really needs to advertise more. Madeliefste it seems your best marketing might be right here in a forum that builders read - at least that's where I learned about you and purchased your sculpts. Nothing you have stated in the last posting defines SL as a game. All you have proven to everyone is my point even further. SL is a multi-use Virtual world - i.

Again, you have not made one close to valid point to explain why you and several others considers SL to be a game. You havent because you cant. SL is a virtual world that hosts countless activities in many facets of RL Education, Commercial, Enterainment, Support, Employment. Maybe you want to treat SL as a game because all you do in SL is likely play games. Thats fine. But dont define SL as a game because of your limited use and understanding of what SL is. You're kidding yourself if you don't think so Can you imagine that sort of scenario playing out in Real life hypothetically as there are always real costs attached To a lesser extent due to economies of scale, large stores like Walmart, Tesco and other Superstores have driven small local or family owned businesses out of lot of towns You can post now and register later.

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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted January 8, Mickey Vandeverre wrote:. It takes too much time? If you're not willing to put an hour a day into your investment, then you've got no reason to get into a tizzy. Nefertiti Nefarious wrote:. Not really going into strategy on that, because I've not unveiled the plan yet So far, testing, seems like great decision. Luna Bliss wrote:. Are the game gods working to bring this about, or is he psychic?

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Dartagan Shepherd wrote:. Assure you the only agenda is that when. I'm bothered by a freebie mentality when people expect everything for free however. This is indeed one of the strangest things I experienced in SL, and I would not have believed it when I did not have experienced it myself, but some products or brands just start selling, without any help from marketing. It happened to my first brand in SL, and it was more luck them wisdom that it happened.

But as soon as I had build a shop and put out the merchandise the stuff started selling. Things like appearing at 2 on keyword search helped a lot, but I had done no effort at all to finetune my parcel for search, because I simply had no clue about that in those days. Right from the beginning we were there we started to sell around items per month. And this stayed so for two years.

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  • Later I did start to promote this brand, but despite all attempts and advertising, the sales did simply not grow above this And then again when we stopped all promotion campagns and advertisements again, the sales were neither going under this a month. So for this particulair brand my conclusion was plain and simple: marketingsmethodes seems to have the same influence as just letting it be and attrack it's own 'natural' shoppingaudience.

    The brand is still exists nowadays.